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You can now pay your Uber ride with crypto

03 Feb 2019
One fintech app has finally integrated a function to fund your Uber balance with crypto.
PRESS RELEASE - New peer-to-peer gambling dApp

30 Dec 2018
New community-built gambling dApp with no house and no limits.
The AI/Blockchain startup Perlin gets (not only) funding boost from a Japanese innovator

07 Dec 2018
The investors in blockchain technology do not seem to be put off by the bear market.
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Blog  17 Oct 2018, 11:12 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Follow the money: Who's banking on IOU stablecoins?
UPDATE 17 Oct 2018, 12:14 UTC - Why is suddenly everyone in such a rush to create a regulated IOU stablecoin?
Blog  10 Oct 2018, 04:34 UTC, by Ambreen
Tokenization can boost startups in growing industries like home remodeling
UPDATE 10 Oct 2018, 06:22 UTC - Houzz launched its new cryptocurrency for home remodeling earlier this year. Is this a good initiative for startups like Renovaten?
Blog  29 Sep 2018, 07:43 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Script Spotlight: A/D Levels
UPDATE 02 Oct 2018, 07:59 UTC - In this series we are picking and reviewing TradingView scripts for technical analysis that recently popped up in the daily popular feed.
Blog  28 Sep 2018, 06:13 UTC, by BusinessOfCrypto
The grim side of Bakkt's potential consequences
UPDATE 28 Sep 2018, 06:29 UTC - It seems all of the critics of Bakkt point to a single issue.
Blog  25 Sep 2018, 04:51 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Fulcrum Bottom
UPDATE 25 Sep 2018, 07:01 UTC - Fulcrum bottom has been talked about a lot lately thanks to mentions in Peter Brandt's reports. Describing it as 'head & shoulders except at the bottom' is not quite cutting it though.
Blog  19 Sep 2018, 06:13 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Script Spotlight: Automatic Divergences
UPDATE 19 Sep 2018, 08:59 UTC - In this series we are picking scripts for technical analysis that recently popped up in the TradingView daily popular feed.
Blog  18 Sep 2018, 11:33 UTC, by BusinessOfCrypto
Etheremon is the first dApp Game to integrate with Kyber Network’s liquidity protocol
UPDATE 18 Sep 2018, 12:04 UTC - In the business of entertainment, it is risky to let the player's interest wane in wait for transaction confirmation.
Blog  04 Sep 2018, 03:33 UTC, by tradingfanbois
DEX Series, Episode 3: Andrew Gazdecki of on the Community Approach and Future of DEX Trading
UPDATE 04 Sep 2018, 05:13 UTC - According to Andrew, the best path forward for blockchain advancements is through more open collaboration and less closed competition.
Blog  27 Aug 2018, 08:35 UTC, by Lisa Henderson
How Blockchain Disrupts The Legal Industry: Introduction
UPDATE 27 Aug 2018, 11:18 UTC - Smart contracts, digital testaments and even marketplaces to trade whole discontinued startups are here.
Blog  05 Jul 2018, 07:12 UTC, by DM
Sports industry can now link the real-world with blockchain through voting tokens
UPDATE 05 Jul 2018, 09:25 UTC - The rise of blockchain technology business might have started with fully digital platforms and dApps but non-digital companies are finally catching up.