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TradingView users on DASH: March 7th 2017

What do traders think of the recent DASH price action?

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Image: What do traders think of the recent DASH price action?

At the time of writing the DASHBTC trades at about 0.038 while about a week ago it topped close below 0.05 on Poloniex. What do traders think the outlooks are?

Long term optimism for all of 2017 by lowstrife

DASH still has promising outlook coming in 2017 by lowstrife on

The tradingview cryptocurrency chat mod lowstrife posted his chart in January 2017 when DASH was showing something that looked like long term accumilation before a jump.

This is extremely promising market structure for DASH, very well defined highs that have been hit multiple times. I could see a serious run attempt at 0.1 in the coming months if it continues to provide. I’m a bit late on my timing, I would have liked to publish this chart around 0.0012, but as long as it continues to make higher lows on the high timeframes it should be setup for a very nice run. 3 years of consolidation bewteen 0.005 and 0.03, the trend is sideways but with an upward bias.

By the beginning of March DASH peaked around 0.048 BTC and started wicking hard which was pronounced the end of the bull run:

Wow, gigantic wicks and margin calls. Close everything, this is the top.

We are now ripe for another consolidation.

DASH will come back to reality by bagofXMR


This is a short position from the top based on RSI (overbought and declining) and MACD “bad squishy”. However, the prediction was more bearish than the reality, DASH seems to be consolidating sideways.

Short term bearish rising wedge by MateuszGrzelak

DASH BTC on POLONIEX by MateuszGrzelak on

And this is an hourly chart showing the current sideways action where you might be scalping it quite easily.

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