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First version of Bitcoin Lightning Network is on the mainnet

This particular implementation is called c-lightning, was developed by Blockstream.

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On January 16th, first implementation of Lightning Network went on the mainnet. LN is the Bitcoin’s off-chain scaling solution, analogous project with Ethereum’s Raiden.

This particular implementation is called c-lightning and was developed by Blockstream. The particular solution developed on top of it is Lighthing Charge which aims to provide a way to make affordable micropayments on the bitcoin blockchain. Lightning Charge comes with a way to integrate bitcoin micropayments into WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce solution. Users can already test that out on the Blockstream store online. The store accepts real mainnet coins, not testnet ones.

There are prominent warning on the e-shop homepage saying this is a test run and users may lose funds. And sadly, according to Twitter discussions that emerged during the past two days Lightning Charge is buggy indeed, at least for now.

The equivalent on the Ethereum blockchain, microraiden, has been on the mainnet since November 30th 2017 and is running a bounty program.

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