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Bitfinex stopping user signups and referral program

Bitfinex closed user signups, going to be invitation only. Money image via Pexels.

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Update: Bitfinex reopened user signups on January 12, 2018 and added a minimum equity requirement for new accounts.

[…] to allow us to maintain focus on our core customer base, all accounts created after January 1st, 2018, will have a new activation equity requirement.

New accounts will need to deposit fiat or crypto to achieve minimum account equity of 10,000 USD equivalent before they can trade or offer funding. After reaching this minimum, an account becomes fully activated (Note that after this initial activation, account equity is allowed to drop below this activation threshold without consequence).

Existing accounts will not be affected by these changes. This change only affects new accounts.

There has been a discussion on /r/bitfinex about new people not being able to get their referral link to become Bitfinex representatives.

For the people who have been already active representatives, new signups stopped being granted last week.

In this case the support is responsive, and here is what they have to say:

The Bitfinex referral program has been discontinued. This means that affiliates will no longer be able to sign up new users and receive commission on the fees charged.

We are currently working on a new program whereby existing users will be able to invite a limited group of new users to sign-up or the Bitfinex platform. Once this has been finalized then we will notify existing users who qualify with details regarding this program. At this time , and until such a time as the new program is operational we will not be accepting new users to the platform.

– There hasn’t been a formal announcement but it is apparent from the mail that Bitfinex stopped new user registrations. That’s a second big exchange after Bittrex did that on December 15th.

According to Ethfinex Telegram, Bitfinex should reopen registrations on 15th of January 2018.

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