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PRESS RELEASE - New peer-to-peer gambling dApp

30 Dec 2018
New community-built gambling dApp with no house and no limits.
The AI/Blockchain startup Perlin gets (not only) funding boost from a Japanese innovator

07 Dec 2018
The investors in blockchain technology do not seem to be put off by the bear market.
Open Data Exchange Raised Over 60 MM USD in Private Placement

18 Sep 2018
Open Data Exchange, the data marketplace based on blockchain technology, gained traction on their mission to provide free internet to emerging markets thanks to its private token sale.
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Blog  08 Jan 2019, 14:54 UTC, by tradingfanbois
Michael Foster of LocalEthereum: Venezuela could be start of something bigger
UPDATE 08 Jan 2019, 16:39 UTC - Chat about the business of P2P trading, challenges of crypto OTC and how a poor country can matter for the future of crypto.
Blog  03 Jan 2019, 05:14 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Script Spotlight: Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO)
UPDATE 03 Jan 2019, 07:48 UTC - The Detrended Price Oscillator strategy tool from TradingView is similar to a moving average, but easier to read.
Blog  31 Dec 2018, 13:31 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Stats from 2018 - Readers like Melancholic 100x and Ledger
UPDATE 31 Dec 2018, 16:10 UTC - Plus a look at search and traffic stats for hardware wallets and what it probably means.
Blog  28 Dec 2018, 04:51 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Thoughts on Reversals and Psychology
UPDATE 28 Dec 2018, 13:41 UTC - Bottoming process, just as any other market reversal, is strongly influenced by psychology.
Blog  19 Dec 2018, 03:02 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Twitter Memes: New very safely-looking way of infecting your devices appeared
UPDATE 19 Dec 2018, 07:00 UTC - A short call to those of you who have a wallet for daily expenses or trading on a computer or phone that is used for 'safe' day-to-day work and browsing.
Blog  27 Nov 2018, 23:41 UTC, by BusinessOfCrypto
Smart Contracts, Decentralization and Transaction Throughput of Smart Economy Platforms
UPDATE 28 Nov 2018, 02:13 UTC - There are currently three blockchains that can process over 1000 transaction per second - NEO, EOS and Tera. NEO's maximum throughput is 10K, EOS gives 5K and Tera 1K. This is a brief comparison of the three blockchains, the value that can be drawn from them and the drawbacks each of them has.
Blog  17 Nov 2018, 10:02 UTC, by Bill
The Basics of Securing Your Mac and iPhone Against Malicious Threats
UPDATE 17 Nov 2018, 13:41 UTC - The business of cyber crime is extremely good at following the money, you can be sure as a cryptocurrency holder you are a particularly hot article.
Blog  13 Nov 2018, 15:44 UTC, by BusinessOfCrypto
How Blockchain Disrupts the Entertainment Industry
UPDATE 13 Nov 2018, 16:17 UTC - This is a brief report on the state of blockchain implementations in the entertainment industry. What has been done, what are the most promising concepts and where are any potential bottlenecks aside from the ingrained conservative nature of the entertainment business.
Blog  17 Oct 2018, 11:12 UTC, by KarlVonBahnhof
Follow the money: Who's banking on IOU stablecoins?
UPDATE 17 Oct 2018, 12:14 UTC - Why is suddenly everyone in such a rush to create a regulated IOU stablecoin?
Blog  10 Oct 2018, 04:34 UTC, by Ambreen
Tokenization can boost startups in growing industries like home remodeling
UPDATE 10 Oct 2018, 06:22 UTC - Houzz launched its new cryptocurrency for home remodeling earlier this year. Is this a good initiative for startups like Renovaten?